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The Killers Freed For GILAD: Mona Awana

October 15, 2011

The Killers Freed For GILAD is an account of only a handful of terrorists and murders Israel is freeing in order to save one life – the life of Gilad Shalit.

Many of the terrorists who will be freed this coming week from Israeli prisons, in a swap deal for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, hide behind these kinds of words. From a proud terrorists to a laundred phrase of “freedom fighter”.  I personally believe, Mona Awana earned the straightforward title of murderer, of killer, even before her conviction in an Israeli court. She may not have pulled the trigger (which fired several times from close range) at 16 year old Ofir Rahum, but she planned and executed his vicious murder.

The Victim: 16 year old Ofir Rahum The Murderer: 25 year old Mona Juad Awana

By her own account, Awana recieved the idea when watching the Ramahalla Lynch (where two reserved forces Israeli soldiers took a wrong turn into Ramallah, were captured by the crowd and viciously lynched to no mercy). She described her feelings of watching the lynch as “being excited”.

Awana began entering chat rooms and talking to teenage Israeli boys with the sole purpose of enticing them. In Rahum’s case, she pretended to be an American tourist named Sally and led 16 year old Rahum to believe she was falling for him. He confessed he was falling for her as well. With the promise of sexual innuendos, she persuaded him to meet her at Jeruslam’s bus station. Their last chat, on January 15th 2001, was:

Ofir: Can you pick me up in the morning from Tel-Aviv?
“Sally”: I can’t. It’s easy to get here from Tel-Aviv with a bus. I’ll wait for you in the central statoin.
Ofir:  I can’t make it by bus. Can we meet in Tel-Aviv?
“Sally”: I’ve already prepared myself for your arrival. Please, Ofir, don’t let me down.
Ofir: You have no idea how much I want to be with you. Please come pick me up from Tel-Aviv. Please, Please.
“Sally”: Ofir, I swear, I can’t. The house is all ready for you. Now let’s talk about our plans. You have condoms?
Ofir: Yeah, I do.
“Sally”: Okay, I have to go. I’m waiting for you on Wedensday. I’ll have wet dreams about you.
Ofir:  I love you.
“Sally”: Me to, Ofir. You don’t know how much i’m looking forward to Wedensday. I love you, my dear.
Ofir: I loooooovvvvvveeeeee Yoooooooouuuuuuuuuu!

When they met, Awana convinced him to get into a car with her. During that car ride, it became apparant to Ofir Rahum that he’s been kidnapped. His attempts to struggle ended with him being shot dead in that car, at close range, over 15 times.

In 2003, Awana recieved a life sentence in Israeli prison. In 2011, less than a decade after she not only planned and executed, but also chatted Ofir Rahum, gained his trust and lured him to his death, she will be freed. A hero in his society, no less. During her investigation, she used to torment the investigators and staff by imitating Rahum’s shouts for help, as if this was nothing more than a sick game. Calling for help and his “mommy”, she continued to laugh.

Barely nine years in prison, Awana will be freed this coming Tuesday. Why? Because of another terror attack that put Israel in a position to make a choice – free the likes of her or sacrafice one single life. In the choice between life and justice, life of a known victim is the constant winner for Israel.


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