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UN Refuses to Fire Bias Employee, Taking Part In De-legitimizing Israel

April 5, 2012

Now this is a truly enraging story!

During the last escalation round between Israel and Gaza militants, in which over 200 rockets were fired upon Israeli civilian population, a UN employee – whose job description mandates her to be objective and unbias – turned her tweeter account against Israel, filling it with false propaganda and heinous lies.

Khulood Badawi is still the information and media coordinator for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanatarian Affairs. On March 10th 2012, she tweeted on her account a picture of Palestinian girl bleeding, while being held by her greiving father (I chose to not post this picture – Israel has nothing to do with this little girl’s death, but it’s still a horrible picture to post). The tweet said:

Palestine is bleeding… another child killed by #Israel… another father carrying his child to a grave in #Gaza

This tweet was re-posted over 300 times!

However, not only was the picture not from the latest round of escalation, it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with ISRAEL!

This little girl, as another tweeter member (Avi Mayer) revealed, has been dead for at least five years – The image was taken by Ruetuers newsagency in 2006. The little girl died in a car accident. Israel had nothing to do with it!

It should be noted that in the latest escalation round in Gaza, as well as in previous, Israeli aircarfts took great majors in attempting to minimize the hurting of innocent Gazans (which comes in contrast to the agenda of fanatic militants who use death of innocents for political fortune as well as an execuse to keep taking the population of Gaza hostage in its’ illogical war against Israel). True, some civilians suffered injures (as well as on Israeli side), and there were even a few unfortunate deaths of innocents, however the numbers speak louder than words about Israel intent to not harm civilians as much as it could – 20 out of 23 Palestinian killed in the latest escalation round were militants (by Palestinian’s own reports!).

Back to the fake photo, though – Israel took this matter very seriously, and its’ investigation should that the same employee, who is supposed to be unbias, took part in 2008 in anti-Israeli demonstrations and has publicly called Israel’s Defense minister “a war criminal” and “a children’s murderer”. Objectiveness is obviously not one of her strong suits.

Israel’s UN ambassador, Ron Prosor, issued an acute letter to Badawi’s supervisor, Valarie Amos, saying:

It is unacceptable that for 4 years, the UN would employ someone who doesn’t live up to its’ most basic standard, required of any employee.

Prosor demanded Badawi will be fired. Her supervisor declined, only citing that Badawi’s personal views do not reflect on the UN or keep it from being objective, which personally sounds like a pretty ridiculous excuse. She also noted that an internal investigation has been opened (I’m not holding my breath of it yieling something) and that the UN worker had no idea that he job required her to maintain restrain.

I can’t help but wonder what if the shoe was on the other foot? If a UN worker would post a false picture about a kid being hurt in a suicide attack or a by rocket, when in fact he or she too were simply killed in a car accident, would the UN be so forgiven and understanding there? The realist in me believes this would have been handled much differently.


Summary of Rockets Fired at Israel, March 2012

April 2, 2012

March of 2012 was a very bad month. An escalation round with fanatic terrorists from the Gaza Strip put over 1.5 million of Israel’s citizens in peril, caused over 200,000 Israeli school kids to stay home for several days and once again took the population of Gaza hostage.

On the night of March 31st, terrorists were captured with knives, gun, ammuniation and a barbwire-cutter, trying to breach the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. One was killed, the other managed to get away and run back to the strip, where Israel has no interest in entering by foot, unless the militants of Gaza would force its’ hand once again.

In the latest escalation round, the most active terror groups where Popular Resistance Committees and Islamic Jihad. Hamas set this round out, but did very little to impose its’ governance. These rockets were fired from Iranian dime who is still funding these organizations that are firing blindly at civilians – women, children and men alike – with the vicious hope of killing as many innocents as possible. In March, 55% of the rockets fired at Israel were long-range missiles!

The following numbers are of the lowest estimate found – over 40 rockets were interecepted by the Iron Dome defense system, meaning over 40 rockets were headed to populated areas!!!

And as you can see, before the escalation and after it, “calm” was restored.

Count of rockets fired at Israel daily from the Gaza Strip

A total of 208 of rockets and mortar shells (by the lowest estimate) were fired at Israel in March of 2012.

After a cease-fire has been declared, nearly a dozen rockets were fired at Israel in the span of 24 hours, one of them hitting a residential parking lot at 10 PM.

A dozen rockets and mortar shells have been fired in the “calm” since the end of the escalation round!

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Reminding the European Union what “Calm” Is

March 10, 2012

After the hit of the chief-general of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza yesterday afternoon, in an attempt to thwart a terror attack through the Israeli-Egyptian border he was heading, Israeli cities and civilians made shleters their second-home following over 120 rockets and mortar shells in less than 24 hours!

Additional terrorists were killed in Gaza, most belong to the Islamic Jihad faction and occured while they were preparing to launch rockets.

Overall, Israeli aircarft killed 15 Palestinians belonging to terror groups (as the Palestinians themselves confirm).

As usual with terrorists, they’re attacking civilians as a result. The latests barrages, still happening and going close on 150 rockets and mortar shells soon, have been met with 3 defense systems deployed around city populations. The Iron Dome defense system, intercepts any rocket it senses is about to his a residential area. 27 rockets have been intercepted at the time of writing these lines! That’s 27 rockets that were about to hit a community, a house, innocent civilians and people. Intentionally!

While it is not clear yet if the terror attack was thwarted or simply delayed, its’ aparant Hamas is still not doing enough to implement its’ governance in Gaza, the one it so vigorously claims. While opposition and much extreme factions (yes, on Iran’s dime no less), shoot an inconceivable amount of rockets and mortar shells, Hamas is more than happy to sit back for awhile and not fire the rockets himself, but allow other organizations to fire the rockets, thus holding to some illusion of it not being responsible for these launches.

European Union Foriegn Policy Chief Cathrine Ashton said in a statement that:

It is essential to avoid further escalation and I urge all sides to re-establish calm.

What strikes me as most weird is not the lack of condemnation to the firing of rockets (I wonder how any European country would react if one of NATO’s operations in countries like Pakistan, Algeria, Afganistan, Somalia and so on where terrorists are killed by aircarft attack based on intellegence, was met with such an emormous amount of rockets on its’ citizens). No, what striked me the most weird is Ashton’s definition of calm.

In the last week of February, 10 rockets have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

In the first 8 days of March (prior to the aforementioned assasination), 8 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel.

Friday morning, hours before Israel’s attack on the chief of the PRC, 2 mortar shells were fired onto Israeli civilians.

Is this was Ashton calls as “calm”? Would she tolerate this if this was her country? Or any country in the EU?


Barrage of Rockets On Israel Following a Chief Terrorist’s Assasination

March 10, 2012

Earlier today, Israeli aircrafts targeted a chief terrorist in Gaza and fired at his car, killing both him and another terrorist who was riding with him in his car (recently freed in the Gilad Shalit swap deal… and already back to associating with terrorists).

The chief terrorist was the secretary-general of The Popular Resistance Committee, Zuhir al-Qaisi, responsible for firing rockets onto civilians as well as planning and executing terror attacks through the Israeli-Egyptian border, like in August 18th.

The other terrorist is Ahmad al-Khanini, a convicted terrorist released last October in the aforementioend swap deal. Before his arrest, he headed a terror cell in The West Bank. His terror provided explosive belts for suicide bombers, one of which was caught on route to blow himself up in Jerusalem.

The Popular Resistance Commitee was one of the terror groups that kidnapped and held Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit captive for 1,940 days.

Last August, though Israel had intellegence about the terror attack (which it was unable to stop due to the assumption that the terrorists won’t cross the border in broad daylight near Egyptian army posts) and the whereabouts of the PRC’s leaders in Gaza, it decieded to not attack / assasinate the PRC leaders, in fear of an escalation. That didn’t help – in a terror attack that killed 8 Israelis, and wounded dozens, a round of escalation and rocket barrage were fired, and even causes fatalities. The Security Council, of course, failed to condemn the terror attack on civlians.

This time it was decieded to attack a chief terrorist in the hopes of ruining the shaping terror attack from coming to fruition.

The terrorists in Gaza of course did not fail to respond. While Israel specifially fired at a terrorists’ car, they are shooting wherever’s possible, blindly and with the hopes of hitting as many innocent civilans as possible.

At the time of writing these lines, over 40 rockets have been launched from the Gaza Strip. So far, 8 people were injured. 3 rocket launches were thwarted (killing 3 additional terrorists as they were about to fire). The Iron Dome defense system intercepted over 10 rockets about to hit residential areas.

Turkey will counterterrorism?

September 22, 2011

Two days ago, On Tuesday September the 20th, a terror attack hit the Turkish capital of Ankara. Dozens were injured, at least three were killed. This is another attack in a long line of terror attacks against Turkey, supposedly (no real confirmation as of yet) by the PKK – a Kurdish terror organization, fighting violently for an independent state over territories belonging to Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Later that same day, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan met with United States President Barrack Obama. In their joint press statements, they both addressed and condemned the attack. Obama went as far as talking about Turkey one of the main players in the fight against terrorism. “This reminds us that terrorism exists in many parts of the world, and Turkey and the United States are going to be strong partners in preventing terrorism.” Really? Turkey?

Don’t get me wrong – this attack, as does any terror and violent attack should be and is condemned on the strongest of terms. The loss of life, especially in such as cowardly despicable way, is always tragic. But when it comes to battling terrorism, Turkey has always been interested in battling those fighting her and her alone. The recent tensions between Israel and Turkey, brought forth by the publication of The Palmer Report and a desire to use the bashing of Israel as the common denominator in the middle east, are only the recent examples of how Turkey under Erdogan’s rule constantly supports not only terrorism aimed at Israel, but terror in general.


Summary of rockets fired into Israel – August 2011

September 1, 2011

Here is a summary of all rockets fired from the Gaza Strip by various militant groups in August of 2011. Due to the terror attack on Israel and its’ retaliation on the Gaza Strip, the number of rockets is astonishingly high. It was very difficult to give track of all these rockets, so I have to qualify the total number presented here with “at least”. These rockets have mostly been fired by militant groups who are not Hamas, such as the Popular Resistance Committee, Islamic Jihad, Iz a-Din al-Qassam Brigades and more, which only goes to show how weak Hamas’ control over the strip is and how farcical the unity between Hamas and Fatah truly is. Of course, the majority of the world and the anti-Israel movement in international forums won’t care about all of that, and just like they managed to prevent a condemnation of a terror attack against Israeli civilians, they will allow a unilateral move in 3 short weeks that will end peace and prepetuate bloodshed, war, incitement and hate.

The number of rockets fired at Israeli civilians during this past month is at least 167 !

Click here for Wikipedia’s account and references of each barrage and rocket (it has some that don’t appear there, those i’ve managed to track I too added to the page).

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Notable incidents:
Even before the terror attack on Israel and the escalation that followed, August has not seen quiet.
A rocket fired on August 1st landed caused injures to a 55-year old Bedouin woman.
A Grad missile fired upon the city of Ashkelon on August 4th in the middle of night wounded five people. More injured were in another Grad the following evening.
After the escalation, about 2 dozen people were injured from rockets hits. The most serious ones happened on Saturday, two weeks ago, when 4 people were critically injured and one man died.
On August 24th a rocket made a direct hit at a parked car. While the car ignited completely, sharpnel flew into the house next door and wounded a nine-months old baby (not the only baby wounded in August by rockets).
The firing upon Israel is blind and is done with the hope that it will bring many deaths to Israeli civilians, mostly to children and women. The militants in Gaza take pride and joy when a rocket finally makes a direct hit and have aimed more rockets towards the port city of Ashdod since it is once of the largest cities in their rocket range who, until last night, was not protected by the Iron Dome defense system.
The Palestinians’ ability to handle terror and to enforce any kind of peace, should they be willing to progress that movement (they have done much more to progress a unilateral move…), aspires to nothing. And yet, when it comes to defend itself, Israel will constantly be portrayed in the eyes of some people as the bad guy, with ludicrous execusions such as “occupation” (even though Israel withdrew from Gaza six years ago only to be hit with more rockets and terror. Gaza’s current situation and the blockade imposed on it is the result of its’ leadership unwillingness to forgo terror).

Palestinian Authority President Abbas’ response to Israel’s retaliation in Gaza is WRONG

August 24, 2011

Yesterday Al Jazeera news channel broadcasted a response by the Palestinian Authority’s President, Mahmoud Abbas, regarding the escalation between Israel and Hamas (or more generally, between Israel and the Gaza Strip). In a casual hallway response, Abbas made a connection between the protests in Israel and the escalation and claimed, while completely ignoring to mention rockets fired into Israel (Eighty-Four in just two days) and the initial terror attack against Israel (or at the very least giving them some weight in the decision making process in Israel). That connection is fundamentally wrong!

If you don’t know what the protest in Israelis than I shall make a quick overview – on Thursday, July the 14th, 2011, Tel-Aviv (Israel’s largest city)’s Rothschild Boulevard has began to be flooded with tents. In a protest, started by a Facebook post, middle-class citizens have set up tents and supposedly moved there with their children, protesting against the cost of living in Israel. Though it holds a strong economy, despite the global recession that was (and the one feared to come), prices in Israel have been skyrocketing, mainly prices for apartments and homes. Every Saturday since huge demonstration displays took place. On Saturday, 9th of August, there were (estimated at) 300,000 people on the streets. But while many governments and regimes around Israel send out tanks and bullets to quiet down the protestors, by any means necessary, Israel’s protest which only seems to grow (even with the escalation) has never had one bullet fired at it.

This of course can be a bit hard for Abbas, the leader of the more moderate and democratic dictatorship of the Palestinians, to comprehend. But the facts (something Abbas never seemed intrested in) show the complete opposite. Just as it does not shoot and kill its’ people just for having their own opinion and daring to challenge its’ elected government, Israel is most certainly not making a cynical use of its’ people horrifying deaths and harvesting political fortune of it. It most certainly did not retaliate a gruesome terror attack and the constant attack on its’ civilians to quiet down a protest!

Here are the facts:


The Gruesome terror attack on Israel Today

August 18, 2011

Update: Popular Resistance Committee is responsible for this terror attack. Israel claims to have killed some of its’ higher ranks in an air strike near the Phildelphi Route (close to the Gaza-Sinai border). Rockets have being fired towards Israel’s Ashkelon. The Iron Dome defense system has intercepted one of these rockets, headed towards populated civilian areas.

Photograph by: Eliad Levi

A few short hours ago, the biggest terror attack Israel has seen in Years took place. At this time, not much is known about this attack near the Israel-Egypt border, but some things are more than certain. At I am writing this, Israeli media is reporting 7 Israelis dead, almost 30 wounded and hopefully all terrorists killed in gunfire battles with Israel’s military and police.

The Sinai Peninsula after the fall of Hosni Mubarak

Earlier this week, Egypt moved military forces into the Sinai Peninsula (which borders both Israel and the Gaza Strip) in an operation called “The Eagle”. Its’ objective was to capture and dismantle terror cells. This was probably motivated by the fifth time the gas line between Egypt and Israel (carrying gas to both Israel and Jordan) has been blown up. Whether or not there was real intelligence to this specific attack, I cannot tell, but the fact is that ever since the uprising against former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the Sinai Peninsula has become a point of instability. During the uprising, Mubarak has enabled a prison break that allowed, among the many Egyptian criminals, terrorists sitting in Egyptian prisons to break out. Some of them have made it to the Gaza Strip, others have remained in the Peninsula.

map of the Israeli-Egypt border near the Sinai Peninsula from Google Maps

Every few months Israel is issuing a travel warning to Israelis regarding the Peninsula. The instability is not new. However, since the fall of the Hosni Mubarak and the movement of police forces from the peninsula towards more populated areas inside Egypt in an attempt to enforce some sort of public order, along with the prison breakout, has left Sinai an ideal location for terror groupings.


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