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My Personal Account: Rocket on Tel-Aviv

November 15, 2012

I haven’t written here in a long time. Life, and mostly school, took up too much time and slowly it became harder to write here. It came to the point, where I didn’t find the time to gather all the data for the “Rockets Fired into Israel” monthly account that I usually post. Mainly, because, there was more data than usual.

But now things are different. Tonight I experienced the rockets for myself. And my experience was so small and little compared to what the people of Israel’s south live – actually live with, on a weekly and sometimes daily basis – that I only now understand how all I’ve said about their terrible realities was something I could never understand and could never get across on paper.

I was at my school – the University of Tel-Aviv – tonight at 06:35 PM when a siren was heard. We started barely gathering our stuff and quickly running to the shelter. Waiting there, counting the minutes, hearing the sirens and fearing if it’s okay to walk out were the most terrifying moments imaginable. Walking outside, being outside at a bus station waiting to go home was the kind of fear that truly deserves the words terror. People of Sderot and Israel’s south in general – I applaud you for being able to live with this for so many years.

Maybe I should back up, but I assume you’ve already heard about the operation in Gaza. You might have also heard that it’s because (which it isn’t) Israel taking down Hamas’ military chief of staff (or head of terrorists, if you’d like). The truth is there were 3 round of escalation started by Palestinian terrorists in the last month alone. There were 110 rockets fired into Israel before this operation. Even when Israel didn’t retalite, the rockets kept on coming and hiting Israeli cities.

12,000 rockets have been fired over 12 years onto Israeli population. Today, hopefully for one-time only, two rockets were fired towards Tel-Aviv and thankfully missed populations. If you’ve never felt it before, you don’t know why it’s called terror!

So just to make things clear, here are a few facts about the matter –

In 2005, Israel withdrew completely from Gaza.

More rockets, more often, hit Israel following said withdrawl.
Palestinian Terrorists continued in their efforts to hurt Israeli civilians and attack Israeli soldiers.

In June 2006, one of many cross-border attacks ended with the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier.

In 2007, Hamas took over the Gaza Strip with a violent coup, killing and torturing Fatah members who ran to Egypt and Israel for sanctuary.

Following said events, Israel implemented in 2007 a land blockade designed to seize and capture weapons shipped to Gaza terrorists and used against Israeli citizens daily.

Since Israel’s full unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, about 10,000 rockets were fired onto Israeli citizens.

In December 2008, the situation has become unbearable and Israel launched an offensive against Gaza terrorists (who were walking among civlian population, dressed as civilians and used civlians as human sheilds).

In 2009, following the offensive, Israel implemented a naval blockade as well.

In 2010, most of the land restrictions were lifted and only the naval blockade remained in place as a policy to simply check what enters the strip and prevent shippments of weapons (some of which sent from Iran to Gaza or Lebanon were captured). At any given day, Hamas is using less trucks than Israel offers to bring supplies into the strip. Gaza is inflicted corruption by the oppressors known as Hamas, not a blockade!

Rocket fire into Israel has once again become unbearable.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committee and more are the TERROR groups in the strip who force the people of Gaza to live in constant war of Israel for the simple truth –

Their declared ambition is to demolish Israel as a whole!

They are terrorists, with no disregard to lives – the lives of the people of Gaza or the lives of the people they fire upon daily with the hope of killing as much as possible.

My personal hope is that deterance would be reached soon. That the fighting would end. That they’d get the message and realize they’d better take care of their people by supplying them safety, stability and food, rather than hatred, incitement and war;  And that these rocket fire would stop!


UN Refuses to Fire Bias Employee, Taking Part In De-legitimizing Israel

April 5, 2012

Now this is a truly enraging story!

During the last escalation round between Israel and Gaza militants, in which over 200 rockets were fired upon Israeli civilian population, a UN employee – whose job description mandates her to be objective and unbias – turned her tweeter account against Israel, filling it with false propaganda and heinous lies.

Khulood Badawi is still the information and media coordinator for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanatarian Affairs. On March 10th 2012, she tweeted on her account a picture of Palestinian girl bleeding, while being held by her greiving father (I chose to not post this picture – Israel has nothing to do with this little girl’s death, but it’s still a horrible picture to post). The tweet said:

Palestine is bleeding… another child killed by #Israel… another father carrying his child to a grave in #Gaza

This tweet was re-posted over 300 times!

However, not only was the picture not from the latest round of escalation, it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with ISRAEL!

This little girl, as another tweeter member (Avi Mayer) revealed, has been dead for at least five years – The image was taken by Ruetuers newsagency in 2006. The little girl died in a car accident. Israel had nothing to do with it!

It should be noted that in the latest escalation round in Gaza, as well as in previous, Israeli aircarfts took great majors in attempting to minimize the hurting of innocent Gazans (which comes in contrast to the agenda of fanatic militants who use death of innocents for political fortune as well as an execuse to keep taking the population of Gaza hostage in its’ illogical war against Israel). True, some civilians suffered injures (as well as on Israeli side), and there were even a few unfortunate deaths of innocents, however the numbers speak louder than words about Israel intent to not harm civilians as much as it could – 20 out of 23 Palestinian killed in the latest escalation round were militants (by Palestinian’s own reports!).

Back to the fake photo, though – Israel took this matter very seriously, and its’ investigation should that the same employee, who is supposed to be unbias, took part in 2008 in anti-Israeli demonstrations and has publicly called Israel’s Defense minister “a war criminal” and “a children’s murderer”. Objectiveness is obviously not one of her strong suits.

Israel’s UN ambassador, Ron Prosor, issued an acute letter to Badawi’s supervisor, Valarie Amos, saying:

It is unacceptable that for 4 years, the UN would employ someone who doesn’t live up to its’ most basic standard, required of any employee.

Prosor demanded Badawi will be fired. Her supervisor declined, only citing that Badawi’s personal views do not reflect on the UN or keep it from being objective, which personally sounds like a pretty ridiculous excuse. She also noted that an internal investigation has been opened (I’m not holding my breath of it yieling something) and that the UN worker had no idea that he job required her to maintain restrain.

I can’t help but wonder what if the shoe was on the other foot? If a UN worker would post a false picture about a kid being hurt in a suicide attack or a by rocket, when in fact he or she too were simply killed in a car accident, would the UN be so forgiven and understanding there? The realist in me believes this would have been handled much differently.

Barrage of Rockets On Israel Following a Chief Terrorist’s Assasination

March 10, 2012

Earlier today, Israeli aircrafts targeted a chief terrorist in Gaza and fired at his car, killing both him and another terrorist who was riding with him in his car (recently freed in the Gilad Shalit swap deal… and already back to associating with terrorists).

The chief terrorist was the secretary-general of The Popular Resistance Committee, Zuhir al-Qaisi, responsible for firing rockets onto civilians as well as planning and executing terror attacks through the Israeli-Egyptian border, like in August 18th.

The other terrorist is Ahmad al-Khanini, a convicted terrorist released last October in the aforementioend swap deal. Before his arrest, he headed a terror cell in The West Bank. His terror provided explosive belts for suicide bombers, one of which was caught on route to blow himself up in Jerusalem.

The Popular Resistance Commitee was one of the terror groups that kidnapped and held Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit captive for 1,940 days.

Last August, though Israel had intellegence about the terror attack (which it was unable to stop due to the assumption that the terrorists won’t cross the border in broad daylight near Egyptian army posts) and the whereabouts of the PRC’s leaders in Gaza, it decieded to not attack / assasinate the PRC leaders, in fear of an escalation. That didn’t help – in a terror attack that killed 8 Israelis, and wounded dozens, a round of escalation and rocket barrage were fired, and even causes fatalities. The Security Council, of course, failed to condemn the terror attack on civlians.

This time it was decieded to attack a chief terrorist in the hopes of ruining the shaping terror attack from coming to fruition.

The terrorists in Gaza of course did not fail to respond. While Israel specifially fired at a terrorists’ car, they are shooting wherever’s possible, blindly and with the hopes of hitting as many innocent civilans as possible.

At the time of writing these lines, over 40 rockets have been launched from the Gaza Strip. So far, 8 people were injured. 3 rocket launches were thwarted (killing 3 additional terrorists as they were about to fire). The Iron Dome defense system intercepted over 10 rockets about to hit residential areas.

Happy New Year: Summarizing Rockets & Terror on Israel in 2011

January 1, 2012

The end of December is not just the end of a month, but also the end of year – 12 whole months wrapped together.

The following is a summary of terror acts committed by Palestinians – either independant of part of a militia – against Israel and Israelis in the year 2011. I will also dedicate a post later to the other side of the coin which is the acts of extreme settlers, laundered as ‘Price Tag’, which worsened the past year. It should be noted that the following takes the pot in magnitude, quantity, and effect.

665 Rockets and Mortar Shells From the Gaza Strip in 2011

The numbers really speak for themselves – here’s a year-long count on the rockets and mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip.

Dozens were injured, 4 [empty] schools and playgrounds were hit, and 2 Israeli citizens died – Yossi Shusan (age 38) on August 20th, and Moshe Ami (age 56) on October 29th.

An anti-missile attack on a school bus (not counted below!) also killed 16 years old Daniel Viflic.

997 Terror incidents on Israeli citizens or soldiers

The following are taken from the statistics of ISA – Israel’s Security Authority, also known as Shabak.

Overall, 107 citizens injured in terror attacks in 2011, and 18 citizens killed (of which one is a not an Israeli citizen but a British citizen) in 2011. In addition, two security forces personnel were killed. 7 of the citizens killed were settlers in the West Bank, and the rest were Israeli citizens within Israel’s territory.

These describe incidents only (for instance, a barrage of 5 rockets fired at Israel is counted as 1 incident) –

The following table summarizes the terror incidents described in the above graph, where:

All incidents refer to the West Bank, from the Gaza Strip or Jerusalem, unless appearing as simply “Terror Attack”.
Rockets refer to both rockets and mortar shells.
Shootings refer to both guns and anti-missile.
Explosives are explosives or improvised such as pipe bomb.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rockets 12 5 30 45 1 4 17 107 8 40 9 25
Mortar Shells 13 9 17 18 0 1 1 27 1 3 1 5
Shootings 5 2 4 5 3 0 2 2 3 5 0 1
Explosives 2 2 3 0 1 0 2 1 2 4 0 1
Stabbings 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Grenades 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Molotov Cocktails 47 41 72 32 64 40 32 34 54 30 33 48
Stone Throwing 0 0 1 1 3 1 0 0 1 0 0 0
Terror Attack 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 7 0 0 0 0
Total 83 61 128 101 73 47 53 178 68 80 44 81

Notable Terror attacks in 2011 are:

  • Itamar Attack – 5 memebers of Fogel Family are knived to death including two parents and three children, the youngest being a 3 months old baby. 12 years old daughter returns home to find their bodies.
  • Explosive bomb go off in a bus station in Jerusalem. One British citizen, Mary Jean Gardner, is killed.
  • An explosive pipe goes off in a city worker’s hand two weeks prior to that.
  • An anti-Missile rocket fired from the Gaza Strip at a yellow school bus. 16 year old teenager dies.
  • Israeli-Arab goes on a killing spree on May 15th – the Palestinian Nakba, killing 29 years old Aviv Morag. Six months later the victim’s dad commits suicide.
  • The August 18th terror attack through the Egyptian border in the Sinai Peninsula. Six citizens are killed, as well as two security personnel, one from “friendly fire.” Egyptian soldiers get caught in the cross-fire as well.
  • Palestinian from Nablus (Sche’em) hijacks a taxi and tries to run it in to a teenagers-filled club in Tel-Aviv.
  • Palestinians throw stones at passing vehicles in the West Bank – Asher Palmer is hit and crashes his car, killing both him and his 1 year old son.

Terror intesifies: Israeli Man Dies of Wounds, Footage of Thwarted Rocket Attack

October 30, 2011

The day of October 29th 2011 is winding down on Israel and Gaza, but the round of escalation seems to be worsening.

I should make it clear – Israel is not interested in war, only in deterrence, in stopping rockets from being randomly and blindly fired at its people. The attacks on Israel are unprovoked and sereve only a way of terror, of illegal war, of the desire for death and bloodshed from the extremists in the Gaza Strip, in the Palestinian population.

The Islamic Jihad terror cell that fired a rocket on Thursday, was about to launch another rocket. Israel learned of this intention, is even documented it. In the video footage captured by an Israeli UVA this noon and released this evening by the IDF, terrorists from the Islamic Jihad movement are clearly seen in an open area, preparing to launch a long-range missile (Grad):

This terror cell was about to shoot at civilian population. It was doing so with the intent to fright, and hopefully – yes, hopefully – harm, injure and kill. Randomly. Blindly. As a policy, Israel thwartes these attacks on the spot when learning of it, killing the terrorists if necessary. If you can blame it for that action – you are truly gifted with blindness and hatred. If you can blame Israel for this, just answer what would you do instead? How would you like to live with this kind of terror for years?

One of the members of this cell was a high-rank terrorist of the Islamic Jihad. The movement, blaming Israel for his death and not his own militant action of terror and war, decided on a harsh result.

As the day is winding down, about 30 rockets have been fired at Israel. A few hit near homes. In a stroke of luck, two rockets hit near a populated building, filled with families on a Saturday afternoon. It hit the parking lots and the yard. A few short inches, a stronger wind and this would have been a catastrophe. A disaster. And Israel would have to retaliate hard for this kind of lost. It is by mere chance that these terrorists don’t hit, and more often they enjoy that. Because if their blind and random shooting made more hits, if less near-miracles like this happened, Israel’s reponse would be much much harsher. But Israel is not interested in escalation. It want calm and peace. It want children to walk to school without fear and parents to not live with a burdening anxiety all day long. Tomorrow, neither kids nor parents would enjoy this previllege.

Unfortunately, the 30 rockets fired until now have not only caused severe injured, shock victims and damage to properties. A rocket that landed in the city Ashkelon took the life of a man. This terror strike, this terror “round”, has already taken the life on an innocent.

Another day of terror, Another day of rockets on Israel

October 29, 2011

Eariler today, Israeli aircraft attacked terrorists of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza – Israel’s intelligence brought information that this organization is responsible for the rocket launched last Thursday. The rocket was launched at a time of calm, in between the executing of two parts in the Gilad Shalit swap deal, and on the anniversary of an Islamic Jihad‘s official death by Israel.

As I’ve mentioned countless times before – Gaza is flooded with many terror groups. While Hamas is the de-facto ruler, it has little control over the other militias. This is an example of the chaos of Gaza, of the unwillingness and inability to enforce peace or a cease fire from the Gaza Strip.

Five militants – terrorists – were killed. As always, the retaliation was targeted to Israel’s civilian population. At the moment of writing these lines, Six missiles have been fired at Israel. A 50 year old man was injured in his legs by shrapnel, in Gan-Yavne:

50 year old man injured by shrapnel in Gan-Yanve rocket launched and hits Gan Yanve
Picture taken by Avi Rokach Picture taken by Roee Cooper

Another rocket hit a school’s yard in Ashdod! – thankfully it was a Saturday and the school was empty:

Rocket hits school in the port city of Ashdod Rocket hits school in the port city of Ashdod
Pictures taken by Avi Rokach

From the time I’ve began writing this short post to now, another rocket hit near a house in Ashdod.

Islamic Jihad‘s reponse so far: “This is just the begining.” Terror, unfortunately, is an everyday part of Israel’s existence. It always prefers to aim and target citizens, civilians and blindfully attack people. And yet it seems too many people are just not interested in hearing that part of the story. They’d much rather critize Israel for its’ handling of such terror. They make up facts, distort the truth and do what’s necessary to fault Israel always.

Such distortion often includes the complete ignoring of the fact that this terror only intesified when Israel completey and fully withdrew from the Gaza Strip, when it handed it in full to the Palestinians! They of course find it easy to forget that it wasn’t until two years after the withdrawal, two years of continued rockets that a blockade was put a Gaza to prevent the smuggling of these rockets, of these weapons. The above is only a short example of one day, one of many, that Israeli citizens are living with.

How many of these rockets would Israel’s criticizers put up with before responding like Israel, if not much harsher? How long would you take this kind of terror?

Grad missile from the Gaza Strip hit Be’er Tuvia

October 27, 2011

I don’t usually take the time to write about single missiles fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, unless their results are catastrophic. The rocket launched last night, after 11:00 PM at night from the Gaza Strip, may not have caused any injures or worse and has landed in an open field, thankfully, but it is another example of yet another catastrophe so easily overlooked.

The image to the right is of a map from Google Maps showing the region – marked in red are both the Gaza Strip itself, and in an X the location where the missile hit – a residential community by the name of Be’er Tuvia, population of almost 800. The distance between the two is over 18 miles (over 30 kilometers) – That’s how far various militia terror groups’ rockets reach inside Israel, at least they ones they’ve fired so far. Right now, at any given second, over 1 million Israeli citizens – men, women and children alike – are living under the constant fear of rockets. At any given moment in time, they might get a short warning (up to 60 seconds in the most remote areas today), of a rocket that has been fired. Sderot, for instance, has only 15 seconds to take cover. Israeli police personnel extracting the rockets from the ground

In a time frame that ranges between 15 seconds to one minute, people must take cover and find safe places (Israel’s Home Front Command recommends behind inner walls inside the houses and such). Yesterday, the rocket was launched past 11:00 PM at night. Could you take cover with your entire family when a siren is suddenly heard at the hour?

The sad truth is that the aforementioned Sderot, a large city near the Gaza Strip, has lived with these rockets been fired upon it daily and the 15 second warning for 10 years now. It wasn’t until 8 of these years have passed, 8 years of fear, injuries and even casualties before Israel opened a military campaign to deter from these rockets. This deterrence only held so long – there are forces in the Gaza Strip (around 16 different military militias armed with weapons and rockets) that are more interested in causing harm, engaging in violence and war, then maintain a cease fire for the well being of the Gaza people.

This terror, over 1 million Israelis (and the number continues to grow as the weapons reaching Gaza become more advance), gets hardly ever mentioned. Many around the world are simply tired to hear about Israel’s need for security. About the terror is too faces today. I am astonished each time to see how many people around the world simply enjoy the view that Israel is in the wrong about its’ handling of Gaza, but hardly give any kind of thought to this kind of terror it faces. Moreover, they simply refuse to address the fact that no peace agreement can’t be enforced in the Gaza Strip – a cease fire can hardly be enforced!

Israeli Police extrating the rocket from Be'er Tuvia

In response to this rocket, Israeli aircrafts targeted four terror sites in the Gaza Strip – three in its’ center and one in the south. They were facilities of Hamas – the terror group that seized control over the Strip in a violent coup in 2007 and who is Israel sees the main entity responsible for enforcing calmness – it is their job to prevent this firing from happening. The location in the center was a Hamas arsenal.

The problem with the Gaza Strip is the inflation of terror groups – the sad truth is that even when Hamas is deterred and wants to keep the border quiet, at least until the second part of the Gilad Shalit swap deal will be completed (in a few weeks, 550 more prisoners will be released, thus summing it up with a total of 1027 prisoners), it is still unable to enforce such peace. It does not work to disarm the terror militias, simply to achieve an understanding of a no-firing time frame. It is committed and devoted to terror and the destruction of Israel. In a situation like this, when so many terror organization live together and can sporadically and spontaneously decide to fire upon Israeli civilians – the outcome is nothing short of chaos. Hamas is in no way a legitimate entity.

Lending in open fields

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this lack on interest in all this rockets fired upon Israeli civilians, it becomes of a very low fire-hit ratio. You see, the amount of rockets fired is enormous but the amount that actually causes injures and casualties is fairly low. That is because it is targeted at Israel’s south – a relatively people-sparse area. Though hosting many citizens (and even one of Israel’s largest city, Be’er Sheva, which is also under constant threats of rockets and has the Iron Dome defense system deployed around it), Israel’s south is richer with fields and miles upon miles of land that has yet to be built on. It is also abundant with agricultural land. That is the ratio is low. But is does by no means take from the anxiety that this terror brings – people still live there and are still subjected to a random hit at any moment. THIS IS TERROR, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

And as time passes, the weapons and rockets are not only getting “better”, they’re not only growing in numbers, but their areas they can reach grow wider as well. Now that many weapons from Libya has reached the Gaza Strip, now that more people are being targeted, the dangers are higher and the ratio could unfortunately change for the worse. Last August, severe injures were made a man lost his life. How so many people around the world choose blissfully to ignore this and continue to look at this conflict in the most one-sided way is beyond me…

A response to Bill Clinton’s “Netanyahu is to blame for failure of the peace process”

September 23, 2011

I was outraged to read this morning the account former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, gave yesterday regarding the current “no process” status of the Middle East peace process (meaning, the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians). In a speech to prominent bloggers as part of “Clinton Global Initiative” conference in New York, Clinton blamed the the deadlock of negotiations solely on Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This is completely outrageous. I have already stated, more than once, how the Palestinians contributed greatly to the fact that there haven’t been much peace talks in the past two years. Moreover, I’ve given my account to how the Obama administration unintentionally drove the parties away from the negotiations table and helped progress the Palestinian unilateral move.

In responding to Clinton’s bizarre claims, I am not advocating for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, himself but I am advocating for Israel as a whole. Blaming Netanyahu, and in such a way, for the  moratorium of the peace process is basically blaming Israel for it alone. That is completely false!

Bill Clinton has said: “Israelis always wanted two things that once it turned out they had, it didn’t seem so appealing to Mr. Netanyahu. They wanted to believe they had a partner for peace in a Palestinian government, and there’s no question — and the Netanyahu government has said — that this is the finest Palestinian government they’ve ever had in the West Bank.”

I must agree, actually. This is the finest Palestinian government and partner Israel has ever had. In the West Bank. While rockets are still being fired from Gaza and an entity named Hamas controls the strip and forces its’ 1.5 millions to live in a constant state of war against Israel, the Palestinian government residing in the West Bank is the most moderate one ever in power. However, the keyword here is “most”. This is only spoken about in relativity.

What can also be said about the Palestinian government of the West Bank:

  1. They are building a country honoring terror. Despite U.S. and European Union requests that they would stop naming streets and squared after terrorists who have taken part in killing dozens of innocent Israeli men, women and children, the Palestinians have continued to do so. No public condemnation, if any, not one to speak of. When the Palestinians refused Joe Biden demand that they would not name the square outside their government building after terrorists Dlal Mugrabi (responsible for the death of over 30 Israelis, among them 12 children), the world was completely silent. As recent as last March, the Palestinians refused to refer to the Fogel family murder as inhumane when talking to the Palestinian people. Outside of Western media, they only iterated “terror is an helpful to our cause today.”
  2. Palestinian Authority Abbas has written a complete distortion (one could even say lies) of history in an op-ed article on May 17th (published in The New York Times). The tone he used, as well as the fabricated story he told, show once more than the Palestinians refuse to accept that this conflict is made of two sides who make mistakes throughout the years and have shown clearly he is unable to make concessions on key issues – maybe the most important concession he is not willing to make is regarding the fictitious Right of Return.
  3. The events of last May 15th, the Nakba day (today used to distort and incite against Israel rather than to truly commiserate over a tragedy), and the aforementioned article written a few days after it, are another example of that. Four weeks ago in a visit to Lebanon, Abbas has promised Palestinian refugees (most of them descendants of refugees but are awarded the title – only the Palestinians offspring receive refugee status from the UN) they will go back home. He is not referring to the future Palestinian state, but is in fact perpetuating the fictional claim to one day return and flood the state of Israel with thousands of refugees. He is referring to people who were born in refugee camps or have been living there for over 60 years, without getting a single right from the regime they are under (in this instance Lebanon, but much more acute is the refugees on Syrian territory) and all he has to say is that their situation won’t change until they will get the chance to live one day.. not in a Palestinian state. But in Israel. This is of course unacceptable to Israel, nor should it be. But Abbas continues, to this day, to make that promise in stead of speaking the truth: “This is unrealistic. “We should be working towards our own country, not to demographically destroy another”.
  4. The current Palestinians government has no control whatsoever over Gaza or its’ people. The farcical unity between sworn enemies, Fatah and Hamas, is futile and only becomes more ridiculous as the days go by. No government to speak of, no real elections on the horizon. Nothing to make this unity more than a piece of paper signed in Cairo. Yet with Abbas unable to represent Gaza, or ensure that a peace treaty and security would be enforced to Israel’s citizens who are still, to this day, living with the barrage of rockets fired upon them,  Clintons only faults Netanyahu and by proxy Israel.
  5. The past two years the Palestinians have made it clear – this is not about a negotiations for peace, this is about negotiations  for the purpose of negotiating peace. The hoax of the settlement freeze is only one of the examples to how they’ve been avoiding negotiations which would force them to make concessions. Painful ones. Concession they are unwilling to make. Concession they must make in order to achieve peace. But instead, they’ve been going around the world, screaming and crying over the oppression and mistreatment. Yet when the entire world (seriously, the ENTIRE world) work to get them out of said miserable situation, they put up demands. They have conditions to how their oppression will end. Until these demands will end, they will continue with the status-quo. In fact, not only in the unilateral move won’t change anything in the short-run, in the past two years, the Palestinian leadership has done nothing to actually get its’ people out of the “Israeli oppression”. By the way, all the while ignoring the oppression of Hamas in Gaza who imposes a strict dictatorship and an extreme Islam law on its’ citizens.

Summary of rockets fired into Israel – August 2011

September 1, 2011

Here is a summary of all rockets fired from the Gaza Strip by various militant groups in August of 2011. Due to the terror attack on Israel and its’ retaliation on the Gaza Strip, the number of rockets is astonishingly high. It was very difficult to give track of all these rockets, so I have to qualify the total number presented here with “at least”. These rockets have mostly been fired by militant groups who are not Hamas, such as the Popular Resistance Committee, Islamic Jihad, Iz a-Din al-Qassam Brigades and more, which only goes to show how weak Hamas’ control over the strip is and how farcical the unity between Hamas and Fatah truly is. Of course, the majority of the world and the anti-Israel movement in international forums won’t care about all of that, and just like they managed to prevent a condemnation of a terror attack against Israeli civilians, they will allow a unilateral move in 3 short weeks that will end peace and prepetuate bloodshed, war, incitement and hate.

The number of rockets fired at Israeli civilians during this past month is at least 167 !

Click here for Wikipedia’s account and references of each barrage and rocket (it has some that don’t appear there, those i’ve managed to track I too added to the page).

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Notable incidents:
Even before the terror attack on Israel and the escalation that followed, August has not seen quiet.
A rocket fired on August 1st landed caused injures to a 55-year old Bedouin woman.
A Grad missile fired upon the city of Ashkelon on August 4th in the middle of night wounded five people. More injured were in another Grad the following evening.
After the escalation, about 2 dozen people were injured from rockets hits. The most serious ones happened on Saturday, two weeks ago, when 4 people were critically injured and one man died.
On August 24th a rocket made a direct hit at a parked car. While the car ignited completely, sharpnel flew into the house next door and wounded a nine-months old baby (not the only baby wounded in August by rockets).
The firing upon Israel is blind and is done with the hope that it will bring many deaths to Israeli civilians, mostly to children and women. The militants in Gaza take pride and joy when a rocket finally makes a direct hit and have aimed more rockets towards the port city of Ashdod since it is once of the largest cities in their rocket range who, until last night, was not protected by the Iron Dome defense system.
The Palestinians’ ability to handle terror and to enforce any kind of peace, should they be willing to progress that movement (they have done much more to progress a unilateral move…), aspires to nothing. And yet, when it comes to defend itself, Israel will constantly be portrayed in the eyes of some people as the bad guy, with ludicrous execusions such as “occupation” (even though Israel withdrew from Gaza six years ago only to be hit with more rockets and terror. Gaza’s current situation and the blockade imposed on it is the result of its’ leadership unwillingness to forgo terror).

The untold stories: Israeli soldiers saved Palestinians in Erez crossing

August 26, 2011

Here is one of the stories that never seem to get to the international media, and when it does its’ thrown somewhere few to zero people see it.

This Thursday, August the 25th, Palestinian families from the Gaza Strip were returning from Israel to the strip after receiving medical care in Israeli hospitals. Most of them were women and children. During their arrival at Erez crossing, a barrage of Qassam rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel’s south. Some of them hit the crossing area and crashed the electrical and computer systems.

While rockets were still firing at the crossing, Israeli soldiers were rushed to the scene and helped evacaute the Palestinians to a protected space until the barrage had stopped, the systems were fixed and the Palestinians could return to their home.

Lieutenant Colonel Waal Tafesh, who headed the evacuation said: “The women and children returned from their treatments in Israel. Suddenly the crossing was bombarded and we were called to the terminal to assist. We heard the yelling and the crying of a baby. They were in complete shock. It was dark, there was smoke, they barely made it. […] We quickly extracted them to the back because the shooting was still happening.”

While the Palestinians waited in the crossing for the systems to be up and running again, the soldiers actually offered them food to break the Ramadan fast.

It’s amazing how stories like this never get told and are more oftenly ignored.

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