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The Mega-Terror Attack on Egypt and Israel This Past Sunday

August 8, 2012

An Egyptian APC stolen from the Egyptian Army Burns after Infiltrating Israel

Last Sunday, terrorists attempted a mega-terror attack on Israel. To further their terrorist agenda, they even went as far as to attack Israel’s neighbor – Egypt.

While most of the attack was blocked and there were no casualties on the Israeli side, I kept the title with the saying that a terror attack (and even a mega-terror attack) took place, because what wasn’t foiled was still pretty big.

16 Egyptian Officers were killed, An Egyptian APC was stolen and dozens of terrorists with hundreds of kilograms in explosives inflitrated Israel, in hopes of committing a mass murder.

It has been nearly a year since the big [successful] terror attack through the Egyptian border on Israel last August, which claimed the lives of eight and caused tensions between Israel and Egypt, when during gunshot battles with terrorists, Egyptian security personnels were caught in the crossfire.

It has been nearly a year since I first wrote about Egypt’s declining grip of its’ own territory – the Sinai Peninsula – and how one result of the Arab Spring is the enormous growth of terror cells in Sinai. Only last month, terrorists attacked Israeli construction workers on the border, killing one man.

This past sunday afternoon, Israeli air force attacked and killed a terrorist in the Gaza Strip. Barrage of rockets were fired upon Israel’s citizens “in return”. Later that day, Israeli Prime Minister announced that intel from Israel’s security forces brought forth the attack in an attempt to prevent a major terror attack planned.

A few hours later, a major terror attack began. Estimations are that over 34 terrorists took part in it.

Terrorists in Sinai attacked an Egyptian post. Soldiers of that post were in the middle of having dinner – after a long day of fasting due to Ramadan. They were shot at, their throats slit, and weapons and explosives taken from the empty base, as well as an APC and a truck.

The terrorists then headed towards Israel.

The truck ran into the security fence between Israel and Egypt, towards an Israeli Army post and exploded upon impact. Thankfully, the post was vacant at the time.

The APC infiltrated Israel, south of the Israel-Gaza-Egypt zone. All terrorists inside were wearing explosive belts and held guns. Their objective was to reach the nearest Israeli population (probably Kerem-Shalom) and commit a mass murder, a slaughter. The APC was repeled by Israeli forces, including tank fire and shots from the air.

IDF’s footage of the aerial attack on the APC from a UAV

Who knows what would have happened if that APC wouldn’t have been repeled. The body count, the horror, and quiet possible (and mainly this was also an objective) completely destroy the diplomatic relationships between Israel and Egypt, forcing Israel to handle the rise of terror cells in the Peninsula.

Once the APC was taken down, terrorists ran towards the nearest field – an agriculatural field near Yuval. Israeli soldiers shot at them and tracked them. A shootout took place until all terrorists were subdued. Dead.

Remains of the APC stolen from the Egyptian Army and used to infiltrate Israel

The remains of the APC

Weapons carried by the terrorists who infiltrated Israel

Weapons carried by the terrorists

Israel has closed the land crossing Kerem-Shalom with Gaza as a response. Egypt closed Rafah – its’ land crossing with Gaza. Kerem Shalon has been repoened on Tuesday morning. Rafah is still closed.

It seems the gruesome death of 16 Egyptian soldiers finally shook something – Egypt’s newly elected president Mursi declared three days of morning and the country is in shock. Egyptian Army moved forces (in coordinance with Israel) and began trying to expose terror cells. After shots at Egyptian personnel at the city of Rafah last night, choppers entered Sinai and bombed terrorists from the air. They even bombed several smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.

Egypt’s military personnel have even been quoted in the media saying these terrorists emerged, whether physically or idelogically, from the neighboring Gaza Strip. Hamas – the de-facto governing power in Gaza – denies all connections. At the moment, since Egypt’s president – a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement doesn’t seem interested in publicly accusing Hamas for involvement.

Whether or not Egypt is capable, both in military power and financial capacity, to handle the terror which has risen in Sinai and the weapons flowing freely from the remains of post-Arab-Spring Lybia remains to be seen.

However it is clear, though the cost to the Egyptian nation has been grave, something far worse and with far more catastrophical consequences has been prevented.


Terror attacks escalate Israel’s South Borders; Over 50 Rockets Launched into Israel

June 20, 2012

Due to school, I didn’t have much time to write here this month. But some things force you to make the time.

Israel is currently within another round of escalation. Another one which I’m sure the many countries calling for “calm” would have handled with a lot less elegance than the one they’re requesting (In fact, I’m sure they would have reacted much harsher and with more casualties).

Sniper Attacks Last Week– Last week, (at least one) sniper from the Gaza Strip began shooting towards Israeli farmers, working in their fields and green houses. There were three different shooting attacks, one for each of three consecutive days. One the shootings lightly wounded a farmer in the Kibutz Nir Moaz.

Rocket Attacks Over the Weekend – For no apparant reason than capability (and some suggest the elections in Egypt), rockets were fired into Israel from the Sinai Peninsula. They hit open fields near the small airport of Ovadia and near Mitzpe Ramon.
This isn’t the first, nor the second or third, time terrorists have used Egypt’s Sinai Peninusla to fire rockets at Israel. The deadliest attack in recent years had rockets falling in both Israel’s resort city Eilat, and Jordan’s resort city Aqaba. A Jordanian man had died in the attack.

Rocket hit Mitspe Ramon last Saturday night

Google Map of the Israeli-Egyptian border, from which terrorists fired rockets into Israel, hitting among others Mitspe Ramon.

Terror Attack from the Egyptian Border – Monday night terrorists inflitrated Israel from Sinai Peninsula and set up an ambush for construction workers building a security fence between Israel and Egypt.
On Monday morning, roughtly as 6 AM (GMT +03:00), when construction worker came to the area, they opened fire, killing a contractor. Later they fired an anti-missile RPG at the construction workers, which missed. Later, three of the terrorists were killed in a cross-fire with soldiers rushing to the area, due to fire penetrating their explosives (their self-made bombs exploded while still on their backs during the exchange of fire). Two or more terrorists managed to escape back into Egyptian territory, where Israel is left with no means to persue them and must rely on the Egyptian army .

A terror group affiliated with Al-Qaeda has released a video caliming responsibility for this attack. If any, this goes more to show how since then fall of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian army (and de-facto ruler for over a year now) has lost its’ grip on the Sinai Peninsula. Many international inquires have been made showing it’s a hotspot for terror groups, and that many weapons from post-Gaddafi Lybia made their way to Gaza and the Peninsula.

35 year old Said Fashapshe of Haifa, a constractor building the security fence, was killed by the first strike of the terrorists, early Monday morning.

Also on Monday, intelligence uncovered the indentity of the snipers from the previous sniper attacks and the Israeli airforce killed two Jihad Islamic terrorists as they were riding a motorcycle.

Retaliating the last events, Israel took several more airstrikes against terrorists of various groups, mainly Isalmic Jihad and HamasThe terror groups responded by firing rockets at Israel.

At the time of writing these lines, over 50 rockets and mortar shells have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilian population. Sharpnel hit a house last night, critically injuring a man and injuring four others in various degrees.

This is still ongoing.

The terrorists are once again firing into civilian population, be it with guns or rockets.

Hamas, the terror group with took over the Gaza Strip in a violent coup over the Fatah faction, and claims governace over the strip, took responsibility for firing some of these rockets, due to the airstrike that killed one of its’ members.

That’s right – their militant (and for all intent and purpose: their terrorists) killed equals firing onto Israeli civilian population.

Firing blindly with the hope of hiting and killing as many as civilians as possible. As many as men, women and children as they can.

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The threat realized? Shooting from the Sinai Peninsula tonight

September 11, 2011

This just happened a short while ago so details are fairly new and still fuzzy, but what is known now is that another shooting took place tonight from Egyptian soil towards Israel, around the same location it did last time (not far from the Egyptian post and the border post of Netafim).

This time fire was opened towards a miliary patrol (though doubtfully this was the only desired target). The fact that this was aimed against soldiers and not civilians would probably be taken into account in terms of reprecautions, but the fact that yet another shooting from across the border towards Israel has occurred is the main goal here – The Sinai Peninsula, despite honest Egyptian efforts, is still unsecure, in chaos and in danger of deteriorating current tensions between Israel and Egypt, especially after violent protestors were minutes away Friday night from harming Israeli personnel inside its’ Embassy in Cairo.

The soldiers did not fire back and the terrorists retreated back into the peninsula. No injures were reported before the soldiers took cover. Forces opened search for trails leading to the terrorists.

Last Friday morning, before the violent demonstration in Cairo, live fire was opened at a residental community in Israel near Gaza called “Nativ Ha’asara”. No injures by luck but bullets have flown past people and caused damanges to houses.

On 9/11, as the world bows its’ head in memory of a barbaric attack, Israel is once again reminded it constantly lives in terror. Terror that has nothing to do with peace or peace talks, terror that is blind and cowardly and comes from the darkest places. It has no rational, no merits that hold weight, nothing but blind stupid hate. Hate that only seeks to kill as many as possible – men, women and children. Terror who gives a frightening new meaning to the phrase “the more the merrier” (in the distorted eyes of the these heinous terrorists).

More as more information will come to light…

Less than 2 weeks after, Another terror cell waiting to strike from Sinai Peninsula

August 30, 2011

Less than two weeks since the terror attack on Israel by extreme terrorists originating from the Gaza Strip that took the lives of 8 Israelis, and another in a rocket that was launched two days later, an intelligence tip has alerted that a terror cell by the extreme terror group, Islamic Jihad, has already left the Gaza Strip and is waiting for the chance to strike.

Two weeks ago, another intelligence tip was present. A S.W.A.T team sat in ambush all night. However, when the sun came up, the estimation was that no terrorists would dare cross the border-fence in broad daylight and in front of an Egyptian post. Two weeks ago they were wrong. Fortunately, the team was only regrouping until nightfall and were near by (in the city Eilat), so when first reports of the events arrived, they managed to get to the scene relatively quickly and prevent a greater loss of life (along with the resourcefulness of drivers on Highway 12 – the bus driver who was quit to escape, and private vehicles who saw the events and heard the shots and turned back, warning people to stop on the way).

This time Israel is not taking any chances – it not only alerted the public of the threat, but has closed down Highways 10 and 12 for all travelling. This warning is not new, but uncharacteristically made it public when it was apparent that complete Highways will be shut down and that there is a chance that once again, the loss of life would not be prevented. This is only done in an attempt to deter the terrorists.

Israel’s Home Front Defense Minister, Matan Vilani, has said this morning that: “We know of cell of at least 10 people, seeking to attack from the Sinai Peninsula.” He added that Israel is working in close ties with the Egyptians to foil the attack.


The Egyptian Rage Towards Israel – Violence and Hate

August 25, 2011

Ever since the walls of fear have been shattered inEgypt, a lot of Egyptians found themselves with the sudden courage and the ability to say and do what once they were not able to. Some of it was directed towards the government, some of it is still directed towards the Military Council that is their regime today and others have finally managed to release their rage towards Israel.

In the months that have pasted since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, more and more Egyptians gather to protest… not against their still deteriorating condition, not against the unemployment, not against the lack of free election on the horizon, not even against the lack of tourism since the revolution. No, they are directed rage filled with enormous amounts of hate towards Israel. As all hate goes, this too is irrational. If protestors took pride in the none-violence of the coup, their demonstrations against Israel is the complete opposite. For months now they’ve been burning flags, shouting blasphemous curses, blocking the Israeli Embassy and calling to end the ties with Israel, to Shred the peace treaty and have even gone as far as to threaten the Ambassador (Haim Levanon).Israel’s envoy sent their families home, security has been tightened and there were periods of time where they were not able to leave their homes and go to the Embassy. This, with the added constant threats to the lives and welfare of the delegation, is by definition pure violence and terror.

This has of course escalated over the past week. Ever since the terror attack that originated in Egypt, from its’ soil, and managed to come to fruition, in part, because of Egypt’s inability to stop the incredible growth of terror cells in the Sinai Peninsula, the results of casualties on the Egyptian side have been automatically put on Israel. It’s easy. It’s always done. Just last year when a shark attacked a tourist in El Arish, the Egyptian street was quick to blame the Israeli Mossad for that. A rational explanation for this, as usual, could not be found.

Burning of an Israeli flag, one of many, in Egypt
Burning of Israeli flag, an almost tradition and hobby in Egypt, last week in front of the Israeli Embassy.
Photograph By: AP News Agency

While completely ignoring huge chunks of the truth, and of other incidents (for example, on Wednesday a rocket fired at Israel landed in the Rafah crossing, on the Egyptian side. It hit close to a house and woman was lightly injured. No one walked out on the streets of Egypt because of that), the Egyptians are letting loose of all their inhibitions, in any way possible.

This week they are calling for a million people demonstration. It’s goal: Not democracy, not peace, not dialogue. It’s hate, violence and incitement. It’s bloodshed. It’s a demand to break a peace treaty for the option of war.


The timeline of the terror attack on Israel, Thursday 08/18/2011

August 19, 2011

Note: The timeline for today, Friday August the 19th, 2011, is still happening and unfortunately will continue to develop. This is the what transpired thus far.

I apologize in advance if I did not translate correctly the names of the casualties from Hebrew to English.

The attack on Route 12

Shortly before 12:00 P.M. (GMT +03:00) three terrorists from the Gaza Strip infiltrated Israel through the border with the Sinai Peninsula. They moved across an Egyptian post that was apparently unguarded, and through the open border crossed towards Route 12. They crossed separately with distances between them. Two more terrorists were left in the Sinai Peninsula as lookouts as well as about 13 others who were waiting to shoot at the Israeli forces that would come to the scene. Each terrorist had an explosive belt around him and carried many weapons. Route 12 is a remote route in south Israel on the way to the vacation spot of Eilat.

The terrorists waited at the side of the road until vehicles came by. The first to appear was a private vehicle carrying a family – two parents and two children, aged 5 and 7. The bullets hit the shield of the car and glass lightly injured the children.

Less than a moment later approached a bus, line 392 to Eilat. The terrorists opened fire at the bus, shattering windows and hitting it as much as possible. Seven people inside the bus were injured. Seven more suffered from shock. Passengers jumped to the floor as soldiers on the bus attended to their wounds and tried to open fire. The driver pressed the gas and fled the scene.

Shortly after another bus drove by with a private vehicle behind him. This time the bus was empty, except for the driver. The terrorists opened fire at the bus. One of them approached the front of the bus and activated his explosive belt. The bus caught on fire and the driver died instantly. He was the first casualty. His name has not yet been released to the public in the time of writing these lines.

The private car driving behind the bus had fire opened at it as well. The four passengers inside were killed. They were two sisters and their husbands on the way back home from a vacation in Eilat. They are Moshe and Flora (aged 52) Raz, and Shula (aged 54) and Dov (aged 58) Karlinski. The brother of one of the casualties was driving with his family a short distance behind. When he saw his brother and wife (along with her sister and husband) murdered, and according to his testamony confirmed dead, he quickly reversed as terrorists shot at him and hit one of the wheels of his car. Escaping, he warned four more private vehicles and saved their lives.

One vehicle he didn’t manage to stop was caught in the fire as well. A wife and husband, Yosef and Ester Levi, driving in the car were shot. The car was completely “sprayed” with bullets. While the husband, aged 57, was fatally wounded and died on the scene, the wife who was more lightly wounded played dead and lied beside him for an hour until rescue could reach her and while gunshots were heard in a battle between Israeli soldiers and the terrorists.

Six civilians died in this terror attack.

Photoraphed by: Ariel Harmoni


The Gruesome terror attack on Israel Today

August 18, 2011

Update: Popular Resistance Committee is responsible for this terror attack. Israel claims to have killed some of its’ higher ranks in an air strike near the Phildelphi Route (close to the Gaza-Sinai border). Rockets have being fired towards Israel’s Ashkelon. The Iron Dome defense system has intercepted one of these rockets, headed towards populated civilian areas.

Photograph by: Eliad Levi

A few short hours ago, the biggest terror attack Israel has seen in Years took place. At this time, not much is known about this attack near the Israel-Egypt border, but some things are more than certain. At I am writing this, Israeli media is reporting 7 Israelis dead, almost 30 wounded and hopefully all terrorists killed in gunfire battles with Israel’s military and police.

The Sinai Peninsula after the fall of Hosni Mubarak

Earlier this week, Egypt moved military forces into the Sinai Peninsula (which borders both Israel and the Gaza Strip) in an operation called “The Eagle”. Its’ objective was to capture and dismantle terror cells. This was probably motivated by the fifth time the gas line between Egypt and Israel (carrying gas to both Israel and Jordan) has been blown up. Whether or not there was real intelligence to this specific attack, I cannot tell, but the fact is that ever since the uprising against former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the Sinai Peninsula has become a point of instability. During the uprising, Mubarak has enabled a prison break that allowed, among the many Egyptian criminals, terrorists sitting in Egyptian prisons to break out. Some of them have made it to the Gaza Strip, others have remained in the Peninsula.

map of the Israeli-Egypt border near the Sinai Peninsula from Google Maps

Every few months Israel is issuing a travel warning to Israelis regarding the Peninsula. The instability is not new. However, since the fall of the Hosni Mubarak and the movement of police forces from the peninsula towards more populated areas inside Egypt in an attempt to enforce some sort of public order, along with the prison breakout, has left Sinai an ideal location for terror groupings.


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